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Email/News Setup & Dialup Numbers

Incoming POP3: pop3.buckeyenet.com
Outgoing SMTP: smtp.buckeyenet.com
News Server: news.buckeyenet.com
Lancaster: 740.994.4114
Logan: 740.279.4119

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FTP Usage



User FTP settings
Site name: User Name (you can use any name you like for this)
Host name: ftp.buckeyeinternet.com
User name: user name (replace with your user name)
Password: password (use your password)
Initial Remote Directory: /yourusername (use your user name)

File Transfer Protocol or (FTP) allows you to trasfer files from your computer to our web server. We allocate 50 megabytes of web space to every BuckeyeNet user. FTP accounts are not automatically setup when you signup for our services. You must request to have your web space setup. You are allowed to transfer up to one gigabyte of data per month. Users transfering more than one gigabyte of data per month will be charged $1.00 per 100 megabytes of data transfered over the alloted usage. Users who utilize more than more than 50 megabytes of space will be charged $1.00 per 10 megabytes over.

FTP is not hard and not as complicated as you would think. The old way of FTPing files was by manually typing in ftp etc... using DOS, and transfering files that way. The new and easier way to do it is by using a GUI (Graphical User Interface) program like Cute FTP, WS_FTP or FTP Explorer to name a few.


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